Monday, January 27, 2014

Project 365 - Day 20

Sometimes, I really have bad ideas. Let me tell about this one: I wanted to take a picture while driving my car. Not that I particularly wanted to do that, but I wanted to get a shoot from a car that was travelling. The problem is that I was alone so I was the driver. A very bad idea and I don't recommend you to do that. Fortunately for ma, I didn't had an accident. My goal was to try to capture the movement of the car while having the car in front of me sharp. I tried several times, but wasn't satisfied by the result, it's quite difficult, to keep the camera still while focusing on the car in front of me and keeping the same speed as it, all this while driving ! Finally, I tried to shot perpendicularly through my window instead of the windscreen, and this picture is the result ! Not so bad after all... ;-)
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