Sunday, June 30, 2013

Charbonnage du Hasard

Abandoned coal mine somewhere in Belgium. I've already posted a shot of the magnificient stairs of this coal mine, but I went there a second time to show the place to a friend, and just couldn't resist to take pictures again of this staircase. So here's another shot of it.

You can see the full set on my photography website.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Maison Romaine

This is an abandoned house which is in a quite good state. No trace of vandalism here, I'm not even sure that someone has already explored this place before. This was a really beautiful house with lots of furniture inside it.

You can see the full set on my deviantart account. website finally online !

I'm really happy to announce that my photography website is finally online ! I've been working on it for a moment now, but I was really busy and didn't really had the time to finish it. Now it's almost done. Things I still need to do before I can really say it's over: finish the design of some pages. For the moment it's a bit "raw", but the biggest part of the design is done, and at least it is up and running ! I 'll also have to had upload pictures on it (and it means a lot of work). I'm adding my photographs series chronologically, this means that you won't probably find the best shots on it at the moment, but that will come ! ;-)

What will you find there ? My pictures of course, some news and I'll also add some tutorials and tips.

Oh, I almost forgot to give you the address of the website: ! See you there ! ;-)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Usine Shelt: Mirror

Abandoned factory somewhere in Belgium.

Another shot of the magnificent mirror in this old steelwork factory.

Full set on my deviantart account:

Usine Shelt

Abandoned factory somewhere in Belgium.

This is an old steelworks factory. There's not much left of it except a huge empty building. Even though it is empty, there is a very nice water basin which creates a lovely mirror in it. The vegetation is also very present and creates an interesting contrast with the building. A very quiet and wonderful place. !

Full set on my deviantart account: