Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Centrale IM: story of a fail.

Last thursday, I went to an abandoned powerstation to take some pictures of it. Unfortunately I did not find the entrance of it. I spent almost two hours climbing fences and turning around the main building, but all in vain.  The only building I could get into was the big cooling tower. Urbexing can be somewhat frustrating sometimes...

After climbing the fences and getting to the building, I looked after a possible entrance, but everything was seriously locked. The doors and windows had been soldered, making it impossible to enter. I just noticed an open window, but to reach it, I had to get on top of metal tubes that where about 8-10 meters high. I made my way to the metal tubes, but as I suffer from vertigo (not an advantage in urbex, but I don't consider it a total disadvantage...), I could cross those tubes to reach the window.

As I was felt quite frustrated, I headed towards the cooling tower, which was situated on the other side of the canal. I reached it, and hesitated a little bit before entering it. The reason was that there were signs telling "caution: biohazard". I don't know if it still applies or if it was for when the powerstation was in use (and I'm not really sure I want to know it...), but I decided to get into it, and take a few shots of it. I thought that after all, if I just stayed a little bit in it, it should be ok. It was marvellous inside it, I spent like 15 minutes in it, taking pictures, and was quite happy with it. I'll post the pictures of it later.

The day after, as I was looking some pictures on deviantart, I noticed a guy that published shots of the inside of the powerstation. I told him my misadventure and asked him if he could tell me how to enter the main building. He kindly did, so I'll get back there next thursday and hope that the entrance hasn't been locked meanwhile !
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