Monday, January 28, 2013

My photographic gear

Hello everyone !

I just thought that some of you might be interested with the gear that in my photography work. I won't be reviewing my gear in detail here, I think there's a lot of excellent websites to read reviews of DSLR and lenses. I'll just list  the gear that I own and what basically I think of it.

So if you're interested just read on !

So here we go:

Camera Body:
- Nikon D3000: this is my camera, it's a DSLR. It's actually replaced by the Nikon D3200 in the Nikon Gamma. It's an APS-C sensor and not a full frame one.

- Nikkor DX AF-S 55-200mm 1:4-5.6: Quite a good lens, it's an autofocus one and the one I own is the VR (vibration reduction) version.
- Nikkor DX AF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6: This is the lens that came with the D3000. I also own the VR version of this lens.
- Nikkor DX AF-S 35mm 1:1.8: This is a wonderful lens, taht's very sharp and very bright.
- Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4: This is an old lens that I bought on a flea market. It was in a really good shape and sold very cheap. I absolutely love this lens. It gives very sharp pictures and you can get a very small depth of field.
- Makinon 135mm 1:2.8: I also bought this one on a flea market. Not a really good lens though...
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